The Story of A Personal Elf

The family owned, A Personal Elf, began with a simple idea of giving more time for the enjoyment of life.

Rudy and Erica Castano, owners of Gainesville's A Personal Elf Home Maid & Concierge Service, recognize that a great majority of families work long hours. On top of long hours, families live stress filled lives and when they come home, there is still so much to do. From laundry cleaning and folding, to mopping the floors and dusting the furniture; the lists just got longer and longer.

The Castano's, having a family of two beautiful daughters, Jordan and Alexa, feel strongly about family time. Several years ago, when Erica decided to do consultant work, her hours became so burdensome that in order to not lose precious family time she accepted that needed help.

She began calling maid company after maid company seeking for a one that could handle her home cleaning, just one of the many services she needed. What she found instead was that there was no one company that catered to the needs of the home. She would have had to hire more than five separate companies to do the services that could alleviate her time.

After speaking with friends, businesses and constituents of Gainesville, she realized there was a need for a Home Maid & Concierge Service. One that either provided the services needed or could at the very minimum help find a reputable company that could.

And so A Personal Elf Home Concierge Service was born…


"We are committed to our clients and it is our goal to provide honest and quality results for our clients."

- Rudy & Erica Castano