Q: What happens if something gets damaged, broken or something comes up missing?  Are you insured?

A. As a quality cleaning service, all of our staff are completely bonded and insured.  Furthermore, we require personal background checks, including for previous employment.  In any event, every safeguard is in place to guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: I'm a very busy person, how easy is it to get started?

A. During our initial visit we determine what your goals are, and allow you to guide us on a visual tour to assess your needs.  Once your customized plan is in place we will review any updates as necessary.
As a service company, we are willing to do whatever you need done to meet your specific needs.  We are here to serve you.
Our first scheduled cleaning will be more like a spring cleaning, or what we refer to as a heavy, deep cleaning.  This typically takes from four to eight times longer than your scheduled cleaning interval. 

Q. Are cleaning supplies and organizing materials included in your service rates?

A. Yes. We will furnish all the cleaning supplies to clean your home and if you request our organizing services, we will furnish any organizing containers or supplies needed.

Q. What areas do you service?

A. We service Gainesville, Fl and Alachua County.